Why the Bluetooth Headphone & Earphone much popular now? New coming sports earphone OS-H5
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1.Releasing hands
     Bluetooth headphone & earphone is widely used in life and working. In fact, now the Bluetooth headphone & earphone is wearing very comfortable. Soft silicone earbuds make our ears no longer pain.
We can use it when doing house work, playing computer or cooking. Also it will make us not miss any phone call. In regular work, we can use it, making the phone call in the while working.
2.Reduce mobile phone radiation.
     We all know that the mobile phone is radiant, this kind of radiation is certainly not a good thing for the brain, here we do not study how much brain cells it will kill, just holding the phone 10 minutes is enough to make your arm sore. Also ears are uncomfortable, however the Bluetooth headphone earphone solve this problem, it makes our brain away from mobile phone radiation.
     Also we didn't need to hold the mobile phone make a phone call, in the meantime reducing the risk of mobile phone dropping.
     These days, we have developed some new sports earphones with very competitive prices which are hot selling. Many old clients made orders and now in production. OS-H5 is the best-selling one with the magnetic design.

Wireless Sport Earphone with Magnet
Model: OS-H5